[NYCkayaker] Manhattan Circumnavigation 7/27/13 - The Best Ever !

Lee Reiser/Leona Fontaine lee060@earthlink.net
Sun Jul 28 08:30:47 EDT 2013

Hi all,
 This was my 14th overall Circ. and this was the Best Circ. Ever!

Steve Blumling, Margerithe H-Romansky and Jerry Blackstone,( all YPRC Members) organized and produced quite a trip.

The Trip had many qualified ACA Instructors & Trip Leaders from many clubs from our area and other states.
All participants were thoroughly screened and advised of safety issues, required gear and individual abilities
well in advance and each of them brought a new dynamic to the group.

Two private safety boats accompanied us as well as up to four Police safety vessels around the battery 
and up the East River.
I especially liked Margerithe's idea to include three jet-ski operators to corral and help guide the participants when needed. I hope they will always be included in future trips.

Tide schedules were perfect, as usual and all crossings were expertly performed without incident.
The gorgeous weather was perfect!
Can't wait for the Photographs!

Great Job!
Lee Reiser

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