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Robert Huszar r-huszar@panix.com
Thu Jun 6 19:09:33 EDT 2013

I think it's time we started to impeach these greedy bastards that call 
themselves public servants and allow the corporations to rob everyone 

On Thu, 6 Jun 2013, Donna Stein wrote:

> and 10's of thousands of gallons of potable water each day are taken out of rivers and wells to fracture shale to remove methane. The process permanently poisons natural aquifers with the non-biodegradable chemicals they add to the water. Nestle draining our watersheds and gas companies destroying our watersheds cannot be good for this country.
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> Yeah, and it's getting worse as I get older!!! : ) But it's not fault, I think it's because I was born on Christmas that I'm this way!!! On Wed, 5 Jun 2013, Sandra Sobanski wrote: > I really hate these kayaker activists types that are always trying to save the planet.... How dare you. > Shame on you! > > On Jun 5, 2013, at 12:28 PM, Robert Huszar <r-huszar@panix.com> wrote: > >> Hi All, >> >> While this isn't 100% water related (by what we do at nyckayaker standards), it certainly is water related enough to make me angry. I pass this along to those of you who have an interest in these matters. To the rest of you, I apologize for the intrusion. >> >> Bob Huszar >> >> ---------- Forwarded message ---------- >> Date: Sun, 02 Jun 2013 15:17:17 +0000 >> From: "Angus Wong, SumOfUs.org" <us@sumofus.org> >> To: Robert Huszar <r-huszar@panix.com> >> Subject: [utf-8] Nestlé >> >> Nestle is sucking water from a watershed during drought conditions in >> order to bottle and sell it. From
>  patenting flowers to claiming water is >> not a public right, Nestle is trying to commodify everything. >> >> Tell Nestle to stop bottling from a Canadian aquifer in drought >> conditions. >> >> [1]Sign the Petition >> >> Robert, >> >> Nestle's Chairman and former CEO once infamously declared that "access to >> water should not be a public right." And now his company is putting into >> practice its belief that every resource should be commodified and sold >> off. Nestle is sucking up water from a Canadian watershed during drought >> conditions -- to bottle and sell it off. >> >> Nestle has won a permit to drain an Ontario aquifer whenever it likes. >> Meanwhile, the surrounding communities which rely on the aquifer have >> by-laws to restrict their access to their own water during dry conditions >> in the summer. This just isn't right, and groups are fighting back against >> Nestle and the Ontario government office that handed out its permit in an >> environmental tribunal.
>  It shouldn't take a legal proceeding to force >> Nestle to do the right thing. Let's tell Nestle that a community's access >> to its own water supply is more important than any company's profits. >> >> [2]Tell Nestle: Stop bottling Ontario's water source during drought >> conditions. >> >> Currently, Nestle has a permit through 2017 to take about 1.1 million >> litres of water per day from Hillsburgh, Ontario for its bottling >> operations in nearby Aberfoyle -- even during drought conditions while >> there are by-laws on water use for households. SumOfUs.org is joining a >> number of groups that are fighting back against Nestle. >> >> Nestle has been in the news a lot lately for attempting to profit from our >> natural resources. Last month, over 220,000 SumOfUs.org supporters signed >> our petition against Nestle's greedy effort to patent the fennel flower, a >> cure-all medicinal remedy for millions of people in impoverished >> communities across the Middle East and Asia
> . Several days after we sent >> out our petition, a video emerged showing Nestle's Chairman claiming that >> the idea that water is a human right comes from "extremist" NGOs and that >> water should have a market value. Nestle has dealt with NGOs and lost >> before -- the years-long boycott over Nestle's dirty tactics to get >> mothers to stop breastfeeding and use baby formula -- which resulted in >> thousands of infant deaths from water-born illnesses -- was a historic >> success in corporate campaigning. >> >> Nestle's appetite to commodify water and natural remedies is a recurring >> strategy by a corporation with a pattern of seeking to privatize and >> profit from traditional knowledge and our natural resources. By speaking >> out against the draining of our watersheds, you will be taking a stand >> against Nestle's strategy to profit off everything in nature. >> >> [3]Demand that Nestle stop commodifying everything in nature. Stop >> draining Ontario's watershed to bo
> ttle water. >> >> Thanks for all you do >> >> Angus, Martin & the team from SumOfUs.org >> >> >> >> ************ >> More information: >> >> [4]Council of Canadians raises climate change and drought concerns in >> Nestle case. Council of Canadians, Apr. 23rd, 2013. >> [5]The Privatization of Water: Nestle Denies that Water is a Fundamental >> Human Right. Global Research. Apr. 20th, 2013. >> >> References >> >> Visible links >> 1. http://act.sumofus.org/go/1806?t=1001&akid=1759.1490026.vnRLxZ >> 2. http://act.sumofus.org/go/1806?t=1002&akid=1759.1490026.vnRLxZ >> 3. http://act.sumofus.org/go/1806?t=1003&akid=1759.1490026.vnRLxZ >> 4. http://act.sumofus.org/go/1776?t=1004&akid=1759.1490026.vnRLxZ >> 5. http://act.sumofus.org/go/1796?t=1005&akid=1759.1490026.vnRLxZ >> SumOfUs is a world-wide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy. You can follow us on Twitter, and
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