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You are right about the fee.  Some outfitters have a clean 3 times get the
fourth one free or something like that...I have my boat stored (locked to a
tree) at the reservoir right now, so I don't have to pay each time.
Obviously that doesn't work well for downstate folks.  


I am also involved in  building hiking trails on DEP land and tomorrow I
have a group working on our first trail - right across from one of the
Pepacton boat launches - the Shavertown Bridge in Andes.     The trail will
be 2.5 miles long - 5 miles round trip.    We hope people will enjoy this
great hike with views of the reservoir before or after a paddle!  It isn't a
very hard hike so it is doable in decent water shoes and after a few hours
on the water.


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Sounds splendid, Ann! I envy one of HarborLAB's board members, the fantastic
photographer Scott Sternbach <http://www.scottsternbach.com/> , who's
paddled all of the open reservoirs. 


I think the fee is about $15/boat for steam cleaning, so boathouses wishing
to visit other reservoirs or to visit the Neversink before September can
afford special outings, but perhaps not frequent full-fleet visits. From the
NYC DEP brochure:




Boat Cleaning

All boats are required to be steam cleaned prior to being

placed on the reservoir in order to help prevent the

introduction of zebra mussels and other invasive species

to the City's reservoirs. Invasive species affect both

water supply infrastructure and water quality and would

add millions of dollars to annual maintenance costs.

Steam cleaning and other DEP approved practices will

be continued. In addition to steam cleaning, boats will

be inspected for other aquatic nuisance species. 




The advantage of HarborLAB's program is that schools and community groups
will have a fleet waiting for them throughout the season. But we certainly
encourage individuals and groups to bring their boats up, or to rent from
the great commercial outfitters upstate. 


Groups applying for the transportation grants linked in HarborLAB's post
must incorporate forestry into their plans. That's a logical extension of
any paddle tour to teach about our water system; forests filter and protect
our water. We plan to invite multiple groups up each program day,
encouraging them to rotate between paddling, forest hiking, and farm tours.


Anyway, exciting times! Many thanks to the Catskill Watershed Corporation
and NYC DEP.





On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 12:35 PM, Ann Roberti <annroberti@yahoo.com> wrote:

I live just up the hill from the Pepacton Reservoir -- one of the gems of
the NYC reservoir system.   When the DEP opened the reservoirs to paddling
last year (the Cannonsville was opened a few years earlier as a pilot), it
was a wonderful thing for the outdoors folks in our communities.

The other morning we spotted a loon on the reservoir, and got a good picture
of it.   Last year we got a nice picture of a mother bear and her cubs, and
we followed a bear swimming across the reservoir.   They swim fast!   Bald
eagles are often spotted over the reservoirs -- last year we watched an
immature eagle that seemed to be practicing fishing.

I encourage folks to go out and paddle a reservoir  (Pepacton especially :)
) -- if you bring your own boat you need to have it steam cleaned by a DEP
designated outfit before putting it in the water.


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Good morning,

HarborLAB is introducing free public paddling to the NYC reservoir system,
for education and to engender civic stewardship. We're deeply grateful to
the Catskill Watershed Corporation for its education grant to double our
fleet with ten Malibu 2 XL sit-on-top kayaks and five Old Town Saranac
canoes, plus all needed paddles and life vests (this mirror's our initial
estuary fleet). We're equally grateful to the New York City Department of
Environmental Conservation for its support of our grant application and for
its environmental education expertise.

This is the UN International Year of Water Cooperation, and the UN Federal
Credit Union is one of HarborLAB's chief sponsors. We hope our programs can
remind us of our drinking water wealth, which is rare, and our duty to
foster equitable access to sanitary supplies. Yesterday Bob Huszar, Donna
Stein, and Sandy Sobanski spotlighted dangers to public drinking water
supplies, from environmental damage and commercial commodification. Bob
apologized for the topic being not entirely germane to a kayaking email
list, so I thought it might be a good time to pipe up about HarborLAB's
coming Watershed Wonder Tours, which bring lessons from the Downtown
Boathouse and others to the mountains.  Also, schools and community groups
wishing to paddle with us can save on transportation costs by applying for
another watershed grant by July 15, so delaying our announcement would be a

Please see this link for more:


I'm truly indebted to HarborLAB's other board members for their abilities
and commitment to this work. They include CUNY LaGuardia Community College
faculty department heads, the founder of the New York Environmental Law and
Justice Project, and the manager of Hour Children's afterschool and summer

We welcome paddlers from other boating groups to volunteer with us -- our
drinking water is a shared legacy and trust.

Best regards,


Erik Baard
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