[NYCkayaker] Great Swamp

Tom Hart th@tomhartphoto.com
Tue Jun 11 09:59:43 EDT 2013

HRCKC went to the great swamp of Patterson/Putnam county last
Sunday...posted pictures and basic directions at
http://tomhartphoto.com/2013/the-great-swamp-of-patterson-ny/ ....It's a
very doable paddle with a collapsible boat from the Patterson train

Best Regards–
Tom Hart  

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Hi Alan,

Shari Aber offers two route in the Putnam Great Swamp in her book A
Kayaker's Guide to the Hudson River Valley. Check out pages 101-111. This
book is surely available in area libraries and bookstores.

I don't know either Great Swamp as a kayaking location, but I'd like to try
them. The upper reaches of the Croton River do get quite dry in mid-summer.
Right now creeks are running quite high following all the rains.


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> I'm sorry that I did not specify which Great Swamp we plan on paddling on.
> It is the one in Westchester County.

> Alan Bergman

I'm not aware of any Great Swamp in Westchester county...

I think you maybe talking about the one in Putnam county? Locally, it's more
commonly known as the Great Swamps of Patterson.

July is not the time to do that one. You'll be paddling in mud.

More information here: http://frogs-ny.org/

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