[NYCkayaker] Instructional classes at the lake.

Linda Peterson surenoproblem27@yahoo.com
Wed Jun 12 22:08:19 EDT 2013

   I am always saying what a great place the lake is to practice on so here are two more instructional classes that are being held at the lake.  It is a great way to spend the 4th of July.  I am currently taking reservations for both classes.  There is a limit to how many people can participate so RSVP as soon as you know that you want to take either class.  You can never have too much instruction:)

   There will be a all day Recovery Clinic on July 6.  This course will be teaching advanced rescue skills.  Participants must have Level 2 sea kayak skills prior to taking this course.  The cost is $75.00 which includes lunch, the ACA daily fee and instruction.  

     There will be an all day Quickstart Plus class at the lake on July 7.  This course will be teaching basic paddling skills and a basic rescue.  This course is designed for the beginner paddler and no particular skills are required but you should be comfortable in the water and in a sea kayak.  The cost is $90.00 for Sebago members and $110.00 for non Sebago members which includes lunch, the ACA daily fee, kayak usage and instruction.

    RSVP to me at: surenoproblem27@yahoo.com

  Also, keep checking out the new ACA only website for all up to date events:


If you have any questions about either instruction, feel free to email me at the above email address.

Linda Peterson
Camp Director of Lake Sebago

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