[NYCkayaker] Clearwater Festival this Weekend!

Gordon, Peter pgordon@tc.edu
Thu Jun 13 09:40:10 EDT 2013

Hi Erik,
I was curious about the kayaking with DTBH at Clearwater, since Yonkers
YPRC provided this for many years until a couple of years ago.  The reason
YPRC pulled out, I believe, was because Clearwater insisted that we be
treated as "Vendors", as if we were selling stuff.  So, despite having a
full crew work the weekend full time, driving SOT kayaks up and ensuring
the smooth running of the event for festival goers --free of charge, we
were also expected to pay the festival organizers for the privilege! I
wonder if DTBH has to pay them to provide this service too, or if they got
a better deal.



On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 8:52 AM, Erik Baard <erikbaard@gmail.com> wrote:

> Good morning!
> Just a friendly reminder that the Clearwater
> Festival<http://www.clearwaterfestival.org/>is this weekend, and the
> weather looks perfect for it! It's just a
> convenient hop on a MetroNorth train to a beautiful, green setting where
> the water's cleaner! Plus it's for a truly worthy environmental cause.
> Whether you'd have fun volunteering with HarborLAB to provide free kayaking
> and canoeing (walk-up model established by the Downtown Boathouse) or
> simply enjoying the music, art, food, education, and camaraderie as an
> attendee, come on up! It's a great way to celebrate the Hudson River and
> its many communities, and a happy expression of gratitude and support to
> the organization and Pete Seeger personally for pioneering so much of our
> regional waterways' revival.
> If you plan to volunteer with HarborLAB (sign in table, beach, or on the
> water), contact me back channel about admission specials and scheduling.
> Here's the HarborLAB event invitation on
> Facebook<https://www.facebook.com/events/113936725470634/>
> .
> Best regards,
> Erik
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> Erik Baard
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> Yorker<
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> !
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> Your Urban Wilderness Community:
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