[NYCkayaker] Clearwater Festival this Weekend!

Donna Stein onnaday@mail.com
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Years ago the Clearwater Revival Festival would give free tickets as perks but it couldn't sustain itself. Even volunteers have to pay to go now, at a reduced rate. It is ok to us as it is a matter of survival.
Clearwater doesn't take any corporate sponsors that could compromise their values. 
Don't know what Erik worked out but I would guess his team still has to pay something. When I volunteered at the waterfront years ago I got in free but that was a fiscal crisis' ago.

Anyone coming up to the Festival stop by the Sloop Club tent and say hi at the NYC Friends of Clearwater table.
Best rates you can find now are at goldstar.com $40 a day.

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Yeah that's what we used to do. Obviously you don't want to answer the actual question, which is fine. Peter On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 10:01 AM, Erik Baard <erikbaard@gmail.com> wrote: > Clarification: This is a HarborLAB program under the Working Waterfront at > Clearwater. Downtown Boathouse isn't at Clearwater. I was just gratefully > acknowledging that the "walk-up paddling" program model was pioneered by > that organization in the NYC area. Again, this is a HarborLAB program at > Clearwater, as part of the Working Waterfront. > > Okay, that aside, HarborLAB patiently worked through communications with > Clearwater and we arrived at very good terms. I can understand paddlers' > frustrations from earlier years, but also why it wasn't an easy > administrative fit -- while paddlers are providing a service, they aren't > volunteers under direct control of the Festival, who can be reassigned at > will. Also, we arrive with our own insurance specific to outdoor > recreation, dis!
 tinct from the policy covering performers and Festival > volunteers. For these reasons, we're not under the standard Clearwater > umbrella. I won't bore the list with details, but both sides have the best > of intentions and shared goals, and just had to figure out new > arrangements. Also, I'm very committed to the event for the benefits it can > bring the paddling provider: a great weekend for our volunteers, networking > with environmentalists and educators, and a chance to meet potential > sponsors. When I operated day-to-day programs at the LIC Community > Boathouse we also assisted the paddling program, and brought inner city > kids up through Variety Boys and Girls Club. They had a blast, making the > investment even more worthwhile. > > So, to sum up, HarborLAB looks forward to providing this service annually > and we're very happy with current terms. Happier still to be working in > harmony with Pete Seeger's and Clearwater's mission for the weekend and > beyond! >!
  > Best regards, > > Erik > > > > > On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 9:40 AM, Gordon, Peter <pgordon@tc.edu> wrote: > >> Hi Erik, >> I was curious about the kayaking with DTBH at Clearwater, since Yonkers >> YPRC provided this for many years until a couple of years ago. The reason >> YPRC pulled out, I believe, was because Clearwater insisted that we be >> treated as "Vendors", as if we were selling stuff. So, despite having a >> full crew work the weekend full time, driving SOT kayaks up and ensuring >> the smooth running of the event for festival goers --free of charge, we >> were also expected to pay the festival organizers for the privilege! I >> wonder if DTBH has to pay them to provide this service too, or if they got >> a better deal. >> >> Thanks >> >> Peter >> >> >> On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 8:52 AM, Erik Baard <erikbaard@gmail.com> wrote: >> >>> Good morning! >>> >>> Just a friendly reminder that the Clearwater >>> Festival<http://www.clearwaterfestival.org/>is this weekend, and the >>> >>> weather looks perfect for it! It's just a >>> convenie!
 nt hop on a MetroNorth train to a beautiful, green setting where >>> the water's cleaner! Plus it's for a truly worthy environmental cause. >>> >>> Whether you'd have fun volunteering with HarborLAB to provide free >>> kayaking >>> and canoeing (walk-up model established by the Downtown Boathouse) or >>> simply enjoying the music, art, food, education, and camaraderie as an >>> attendee, come on up! It's a great way to celebrate the Hudson River and >>> its many communities, and a happy expression of gratitude and support to >>> the organization and Pete Seeger personally for pioneering so much of our >>> regional waterways' revival. >>> >>> If you plan to volunteer with HarborLAB (sign in table, beach, or on the >>> water), contact me back channel about admission specials and scheduling. >>> Here's the HarborLAB event invitation on >>> Facebook<https://www.facebook.com/events/113936725470634/> >>> >>> . >>> >>> Best regards, >>> >>> Erik

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