[NYCkayaker] Lamentations for Lamitations Re: Local Fiberglass okoume plywood Supplies

William haawill@yahoo.com
Fri Jun 14 11:43:20 EDT 2013

It's all in the lamitations David. For thick bladed paddles you can get away with oil finish, no finish, but when you have thin foil blades, 'glass/epoxy is what gives it strength, holding it together, and protection from the elements. Of course, frictional contact degrades any surface and ma paw blades 'r screamin' !
Thanks for everyone's input. 
I'm still trying to find local suppliers (in northern NJ) of epoxies; WEST systems or MAS. I try to avoid paying the cross Hudson tolls, or any tolls for that matter. 
Will / NJ 
*** Warning ***
Anyone thinking of working with, or is currently working with epoxies: PROTECT your skin, EYES, LUNGS.  
Here's an interesting first hand link showing adverse reactions to epoxy exposure.  

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Why would you want to ruin a wooden paddle by coating it with plastic??!? I've never used anything but teak oil on my GPs, and my current paddle has no finish at all.... once a year, I give it a quick sanding with 320 paper, and it's good for the season. You have plenty of responses to Condon lumber for Okume, so I'll leave that alone.

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   My wooden paddle is in desperate need of upkeep/repairs so I need to buy epoxy and fiberglass. 
  CLC kayaks kits use MAS epoxy. Anyone with experience with this stuff? Or is there better?
Looking for Fort Lee, NJ area local suppliers. 
I'm also looking for Okoume plywood since I've been wanting to build a wooden stich&Glue kayak. 
Once again, looking for local suppliers, on both sides of the Hudson.
Plywood thickness in  millimeters approx.
inches   weight 
 lbs.   # of
 plies   Grade  Mill 
 3mm 1/8"    11 lbs  3  6566  Toro / Joubert 
 4mm 5/32"  13 lbs  3  BS1088  Joubert 
 6mm 1/4"  21 lbs  5  BS1088      Joubert 
 9mm 3/8"  31 lbs  5  BS1088   Joubert    
 12mm 1/2"  42 lbs  7  BS1088  N/A 
 18mm 3/4"  62 lbs  11  BS1088  N/A 
Will / NJ 
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