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This season I've been using the epoxy Jamestown Distributors sells under their name TOTAL BOAT.
If you call in an order in the afternoon you could have it the next day.
They claim, and what I've found, is it is compatible with and comparable to West System. 
Their kit for about a hundred dollars is a gallon of resin the appropriate amount of hardener, pumps, and a few other things.
If you are using fiberglass tape their 2" is fine but I find it overkill for small boats, 
the 1.5" tape from Defender can mean less grinding off for a light boat.
And I've used three sources that deliver to NYC for occume plywood. Condons, Noahs and Boulter, 
Condons is the easy one if you're picking it up but the others have alternative products, I especially like building with the 1/16" occume from Boulters.

Don Betts


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