[NYCkayaker] Current Design Extreme, Kevlar for sale

Richard Clifford ricardoclifford@gmail.com
Sat Jun 15 13:41:25 EDT 2013


For sale: I have a Current Design Extreme, Kevlar, Caribbean Blue deck
(mint green). Factory installed compass. Boat is in excellent condition. It
is a "go fast" boat. Details: length: 18'10", Width: 21.25" Depth: 13 3/8"
Weight: 49 lbs. Cockpit: 29" x 16" Volume, Bow hatch: 22; Stern hatch: 26.
Total volume: 95 gallons.

As the ads say, if you love touring but hunger for speed, this may be the
boat for you. I will deliver the boat to you if you are in the Greater New
York metropolitan area.This is the boat I used to escort  a swimmer up the
Ederle course from Sandy Hook to The Battery last Summer on July 3 and
again in August, but that time down to Sandy Hook. Both were record setting

Asking $2k, but flexible (realistic).

Richard C. Clifford
Cell: 917-854-5824

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