[NYCkayaker] Bill to amend the Hudson River Park Act Introduced June 18, 2013

Nancy Brous nbrous@gmail.com
Wed Jun 19 11:19:44 EDT 2013

As many of you know, Hudson River Park on Manhattan's west side has been
struggling to fund its operation.  Attempts have been made to find
operators for large spaces designated for development but the future pier
40 and other major properties remain unresolved.  After countless months of
work by elected officials, park staff, community groups, coalitions like
the pier 40 task force (which includes members of adjacent community
boards, etc), a bill was introduced last night to amend the Park Act to
address some of the issues that many believe have been standing in the way
of progress.

I thought some in the boating community would be interested, not just
because we will ultimately have 4 boathouses in the park, but also because
this may effect the way future waterfront parks are legislated and financed.

>From Madelyn Wils, President of the Hudson River Park Trust:
"Last night the Assembly and Senate each introduced a bill to amend the
Hudson River Park enabling legislation in line with many items discussed
and introduced by the Task Force over the last year and a half.  Although
it doesn’t represent all of the issues debated during the many hours and
days that we spent together, it provides many significant and important
additional rights, plus some language clarifications that will allow us to
improve our bottom line and help support the park‘s viability into the
future.  "

The bill and a summary of its provisions can be seen at

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