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George - I don't know if you've heard back from anyone back channel - I hope so. If not I didn't want you to think we are not hospitable here. Your experience and preparation sound rock-solid and your plan to come down the Hudson and go up the East and Harlem with the flood tide are just what the doctor ordered. I've never done a circ, but there are plenty of folks on the list who have. You are correct about the big-boat traffic, but the only really dicey part is down by the Battery with the Staten Island ferry. There are also NY Waterway ferries, which can come barreling out of the embayment at around 38th Street on the west side, for example, so it's always good to take a peek at the activity in the embayment before crossing. But as long as you stay near the pierhead line (without getting too close so you avoid eddies and old piles under the surface) you should be fine. I would just mention a marine radio, which I think you keep on Channel 68 to monitor traffic (that will be corrected by others if I am off base), and I know that some kayakers will go on I believe Channel 16 to talk with say one of the Waterway ferries before transiting a docking location.

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>My name is George Fatula.  My wife and I are avid, experienced paddlers
>from Maine.  We are planning to come paddle around Manhattan this August
>and are looking for advice.  We are both competitive canoe racers and
>recreational / camping paddlers.  We own a variety of boats.   Our
>experience includes open ocean races (The Blackburn Challenge), downriver
>ww races (The Dead River), fw distance races (The General Clinton Regatta)
>along with lots of others in New England and around the country.  We have
>won a couple of national championships over the We cruise a sailboat, too.
>I share this just to establish the level of experience we have.
>Our plan is to paddle ccw, starting and finishing at the Inwood Hill Park.
>We would get a sunrise start, paddle down the Hudson and  start up the East
>river 4 to 5 hours after low tide at the Battery.  That looks like
>"favorable currents" and gives us some time to explore.
>Our preferred open water canoe (a Sawyer Charger) with a spray cover,
>rudder, split air bags and appropriate safety gear will be the boat.  We
>carry it on a roof rack and need a launch site where we can park the car
>for the day.
>I have looked at the NYC Water Trail web site and will obtain the permit.
>We would like to file a float plan locally, perhaps with your club?
>Commercial traffic is a concern.  We would like to anticipate as many
>issues as possible before we head to N.Y..  We plan to be a lone boat on
>this trip.
>I grew up on the Croton River and the Hudson back in the 50's and 60's.  My
>last trip around Manhattan was over 60 years ago on the Circle Line with my
>dad when he was teaching at Columbia.
>We are looking forward to the trip and will appreciate hearing from you.
>Thank you for considering my inquiry.
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