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Yes, there was a date on the email -- but that is the date it was POSTED and there was no way of knowing if that was the date of the event. Even in your response you didn't state the date of the event.  Why are you hell-bent on keeping it such a mystery?????  Even if it's today, just include the date of the event and the street location, for clarity's sake! 
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> The date, today, was on the earlier post I sent or at any of the links provided.
> Location should be there as well but I think they assumed that many of the local paddlers this particular notice went to would be familiar with pier 26.
> I'm a little surprised by the negative attitudes expressed regarding what seems to me to be a nice event and an effort by the organizers to reach out to the local boating community.
> On Jun 21, 2013, at 11:08 PM, William <haawill@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Maybe it's just my eyes, but does anyone actually see the DATE this is suppose to occur on???
> > And perhaps for the unenlightened a corresponding NYC STREET name/number / River navigation aid for Pier 26 might help??? 
> > But that's just me I suppose. 
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> >  Will / NJ
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