[NYCkayaker] circumnavigating Manhattan

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Thanks, Erik - And George did let me know folks did indeed get back to him. I had hoped to see some replies, for no other reason than curiosity, given that I'll probably never do a circ - it does hold a fascination for me, as do Johna's and Vlad's posts. Now the correct channels are seared in my brain. 

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>Quick note that Channel 13 is the open "bridge to bridge" channel. 16
>for emergencies. 17 can be used to talk directly to law enforcement and
>such, off of the general chatter. 68 is useful within groups, along
>with a few other channels.
>HarborLAB (www.harborlab.org) will circumnavigate Manhattan tonight
>from LIC as a benefit for the American Foundation for Suicide
>Prevention. Sunset to sunrise and under a great full moon.
>Best regards,
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>George - I don't know if you've heard back from anyone back channel -
>I hope so. If not I didn't want you to think we are not hospitable
>here. Your experience and preparation sound rock-solid and your plan
>to come down the Hudson and go up the East and Harlem with the flood
>tide are just what the doctor ordered. I've never done a circ, but
>there are plenty of folks on the list who have. You are correct about
>the big-boat traffic, but the only really dicey part is down by the
>Battery with the Staten Island ferry. There are also NY Waterway
>ferries, which can come barreling out of the embayment at around 38th
>Street on the west side, for example, so it's always good to take a
>peek at the activity in the embayment before crossing. But as long as
>you stay near the pierhead line (without getting too close so you
>avoid eddies and old piles under the surface) you should be fine. I
>would just mention a marine radio, which I think you keep on Channel
>68 to monitor traffic (that will !
> be corrected by others if I am off base), and I know that some
>kayakers will go on I believe Channel 16 to talk with say one of the
>Waterway ferries before transiting a docking location.
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>>From: George Fatula <gfatula@gmail.com>
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>>My name is George Fatula.  My wife and I are avid, experienced paddlers
>>from Maine.  We are planning to come paddle around Manhattan this August
>>and are looking for advice.  We are both competitive canoe racers and
>>recreational / camping paddlers.  We own a variety of boats.   Our
>>experience includes open ocean races (The Blackburn Challenge), downriver
>>ww races (The Dead River), fw distance races (The General Clinton Regatta)
>>along with lots of others in New England and around the country.  We have
>>won a couple of national championships over the We cruise a sailboat, too.
>>I share this just to establish the level of experience we have.
>>Our plan is to paddle ccw, starting and finishing at the Inwood Hill Park.
>>We would get a sunrise start, paddle down the Hudson and  start up the East
>>river 4 to 5 hours after low tide at the Battery.  That looks like
>>"favorable currents" and gives us some time to explore.
>>Our preferred open water canoe (a Sawyer Charger) with a spray cover,
>>rudder, split air bags and appropriate safety gear will be the boat.  We
>>carry it on a roof rack and need a launch site where we can park the car
>>for the day.
>>I have looked at the NYC Water Trail web site and will obtain the permit.
>>We would like to file a float plan locally, perhaps with your club?
>>Commercial traffic is a concern.  We would like to anticipate as many
>>issues as possible before we head to N.Y..  We plan to be a lone boat on
>>this trip.
>>I grew up on the Croton River and the Hudson back in the 50's and 60's.  My
>>last trip around Manhattan was over 60 years ago on the Circle Line with my
>>dad when he was teaching at Columbia.
>>We are looking forward to the trip and will appreciate hearing from you.
>>Thank you for considering my inquiry.

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