[NYCkayaker] Wetsuit rentals?

Rich Kulawiec rsk@rockandwater.net
Sat Jun 22 19:15:53 EDT 2013

[ late followup, mea culpa ]

On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 09:09:53AM -0400, Tom Hart wrote:
> $65 rental vs. $89 purchase at Campmor...

I don't know that particular piece of gear, but I *do* know Immersion
Research and founder/owner Kara Ruppel Weld.  Besides being a superb
paddler (youngest woman to run the Upper Yough, United States national
team member, etc.etc.etc.) she and her staff are making fine gear at IR.
And they stand behind it.  I've got spray skirts, a drysuit, etc. from
them and they took the time to make sure I had *exactly* what works for me.
And on top of that, IR is always there to support the community -- they're
on the sponsor list for a lot of events.  So: good people, good products.


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