[NYCkayaker] Dear kind and gentle people [was: link]

Rich Kulawiec rsk@rockandwater.net
Sat Jun 22 19:17:14 EDT 2013

1. This neatly illustrates why you should never send "bare links".
Always include *at least* a sentence or two explaining what the link is
and why you're sending it.   This is part of basic email courtesy;
omitting it is not only rude and inconsiderate to your audience,
but greatly increases the probability that someone's automatic filter
somewhere will classify your message as spam.

2. It's best not to follow up obvious spam messages, ever.

However, if you do, please, please, PLEASE DO NOT include the
spammer's payload -- in this case, the link -- because this is

	a) bad for you
	b) bad for us
	c) bad for the recipients
	d) great for the spammer


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