[NYCkayaker] Marine Radio Recommendations

Steven Leslie stevenmleslie@yahoo.com
Mon Jun 24 12:28:35 EDT 2013

I just did a fair amount of research before buying a VHF radio for use on kayaks (primarily at least). I chose a West Marine VHF255 floating handheld, but frankly haven't used it much yet. They had it in stock on the 37th Street store.

My criteria were floating, handheld and ability to operate on FRS/GMRS bands as well at VHF. FRS is walkie-talkies frequencies while GMRS is a little fancier and you're supposed to have a government issued license. 

My idea was to have one real VHF and then be able to equip friends and family with less-expensive walkie-talkies for a group trip planned later this summer. We also intend to use FRS/GMRS on land (say during a hike) since VHF is reserved for on the water. My imperfect understanding is that multi-band radios are being phased out.


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I'm looking for recommendations for a marine radio to use on my kayak.


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