[NYCkayaker] Safety and rescue clinic with assessment at lake Sebago

surenoproblem27@yahoo.com surenoproblem27@yahoo.com
Tue Jun 25 10:08:40 EDT 2013

Hi<br/><br/>If you want to learn a multitude of rescues or just practice the ones you already know, then be sure to take the safety and rescue class at the ACA encampment at Lake Sebago which is located in Harriman State park on July 6. This class will cover the following rescues: bow, T, paddle float, rolls, self rescues, paddle rescues.  Learn and practice how to deal with more than one capsize at a time.  Practice and learn different rescue techniques in a controlled, relaxed environment with qualified instructors.  Instructors are: Minh Nguyen ( level 3 instructor), Todd Seidman ( level 3 instructor), Pete Peterson (level 1 instructor) and Stevie McAllister (roll master who is assisting).  The fee for this course is : ACA members 75.00 and Non-ACA members is $90 which includes a 6 month ACA membership which allows you to come back to the camp.  This fee includes lunch, instruction, ACA daily fee and a camp potluck afterwards.  Register with Linda
 Peterson at surenoproblem27@yahoo.com by July 1.  This will be a fun informative class in a very relaxed calm environment. <br/><br/>Linda Peterson<br/>Camp Director of Lake Sebago

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