[NYCkayaker] RiverKeeper May Water Quality Testing data

Nancy Brous nbrous@gmail.com
Wed Jun 26 11:22:28 EDT 2013

RiverKeeper's May results are out are posted on their website.
To learn more about Riverkeeper’s Water Quality Program, and to view
historic sampling data, please
They test monthly along the full length of the Hudson.

I've also posted their informative email news blast at
www.hrwa.org/news.html and www.nycwatertrail.org/news.html
It is significant to note that the EPA has changed (loosened) the
standards for "acceptable" v "unacceptable" levels of fecal coliform
in "swimmable" waters significantly for freshwater and insignificantly
in salt and brackish waters.  This means that swimming beaches upriver
can stay open with higher levels of contamination than before.

For weekly results from sites in the NYC area gleaned from tests using
the same techniques and protocols as our partner RiverKeeper, visit

That program is volunteer run and donation supported so if you want to
get involved please contact water-quality@nycwatertrail.org

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