[NYCkayaker] kayaker in the shipping channel under the VZ bridge

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I kayak under the VZ fairly often ,and It's always been a very popular location for fishing boats to drift 

with the ebb or flood tide from the Bay Ridge flats along the Narrows ,pullin in Fluke and Blackfish to 

name a few .In the last few years there has been a veritable Boom in Kayak fishing and so your 

seeing or at least I've been seeing more and more fishing kayaks anchored in or using drift anchors 

under the VZ . Usually the ones I see are not right in the channel like this person was but off either the 

Staten Island side VZ piling or the Brooklyn side . Kayak fishing is one of the fastest growing 

activities/sports in the U.S. today . Perhaps some of these people do not take the kayaking aspect 

of the sport as serious as they should . 

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Why would anyone do that?
I have seen many paddlers in NYC hang out in shipping channels disrupting
boat traffic.
When I yell at them to get out of the channel, they reply with some dumb
answer about how they have just as much a right to be there as anyone else.

Paddlers are just as stupid as everyone else.

There is plenty of space there to hang out, way outside of the shipping
> lanes... why would someone want to sit where they can, and will get run
> over?

"The more you know, the less you need"
    --aboriginal saying
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