[NYCkayaker] saw mill river daylight tour

Nancy Brous nbrous@gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 09:30:17 EST 2013

i thought this thought be of interest to some here:
please address all questions to the organization leading the tour, NYC H20
(linked below)

Saw Mill River 'Daylight' Tour
Sunday, March 24  at 11 a.m.
Yonkers, NY

Saw Mill River underground - Steve Duncan

Sawmill 'daylighted' - Steve Duncan
After nearly  a century of being buried in a concrete flume, Yonkers has
completed the unearthing or "daylighting" of the Saw Mill River whereby a
parking lot adjacent to the Yonkers Metro North Station was recently
transformed into a river-themed park.

This tour will explore the confluence of the Saw Mill River and the Hudson
Rivers.  What once served the agricultural needs of the Native Americans
and early Dutch and English settlers, and later as the source of power for
an industrial based economy is now leading the way for the City of Yonkers
revitalization efforts.

The tour will focus on the new Van Der Donck Park and will include a
"behind the scenes" description of its design and construction over the
past four years and efforts to daylight the next phases of the Saw Mill

Mario Caruso, a city planner who worked on the Saw Mill daylighting project
will lead the tour.

Tickets available

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