[NYCkayaker] Fwd: Auction of River Equipment to Benefit Cheryl at SOTAR

Rich Kulawiec rsk@rockandwater.net
Thu Mar 14 14:51:27 EDT 2013

I realize that SOTAR is a continent away, and that most of you aren't
whitewater paddlers.  But (a) family is family and (b) the auction
has a lot of gear usable by all paddlers. ---rsk

> From: <nnikirk@sbcglobal.net>
> Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2013 22:18:09 -0000
> Subject: Auction of River Equipment to Benefit Cheryl at SOTAR
> Hello Good Friends,
> We seek your help for a very important and worthy cause:  saving the
> life of a fellow boater.  Your help is requested and your generosity
> sought. Please read the email below and forward it to all your club
> members and friends. ~ Thank you.
> Cheryl Sanders, Sales / Store Manager of SOTAR is battling thyroid cancer.
> As a single mom with no insurance, she needs your help.
> The River Community is banding together to raise funds two ways: through
> donations and an online auction.  A fundraising blog has been created,
> celebratecheryl.com, you can also track Cheryl's progress on Facebook;
> fb.me/CelebrateCheryl.
> TO MAKE A CASH DONATION: Go to Donate Now!  Financial transactions are
> via PayPal: celebratecheryl.com/donate-now.  After credit card and PayPal
> fees, ALL funds donated to Celebrate Cheryl go directly to the Cheryl
> Sanders Cancer Fund.
> TO BID ON AN AUCTION ITEM: The Auction site is under construction, and
> due to open early April.  In order to get the best turnout, we need your
> help in reaching out to as many folks as possible.  Please forward this
> email to everyone in the boating community.
> We have a fantastic group of donors who have committed to this cause.
> The donors are listed below by product categories.  For a sneak preview
> of auction items, check out: http://celebratecheryl.com/donations.
> INFLATABLES - SOTAR, AIRE and Northwest River Supply (NRS)
> ROWING FRAMES AND ACCESSORIES - Vic's Custom Welding, Pro's Choice,
> Henderson Precision and Go Light Outdoors, Recretec/Willamette Powder Fab,
> and Sawyer Paddles and Oars
> GEAR AND APPAREL - Patagonia, Pacific River Supply, RESTOP, Shred Ready,
> WRIS, Astral Designs, Man of  Rubber  River Gear, Clavey Paddlesports,
> Kokatat, Immersion Research, DownStream Distribution, Chums, L'il
> Suckers, Ortlieb, Canyon Coolers, Bending Branches/Aqua Bound, Down River
> Equipment, Camp Time, SOTAR, K-Pumps, Partner Steel and Cascade Outfitters
> Adventures together with Professional River Guides Noah Hague and Bob
> Evans,  Northwest Rafting Company, The Galice Resort, H2O Adventures,
> Privately guided 1-day paddle trip on the South Fork American River,
> and Affordable Shuttle Service
> And the donations just keep coming in!  Watch for new auction items on
> CelebrateCheryl.com and fb.me/CelebrateCheryl.
> Those of us who know Cheryl are really lucky to have met her.  Her natural
> warmth, enthusiasm and compassion leave a lasting impression on all
> who come into contact with her.  Whether you are ordering your first
> inflatable or adding to your inventory of gear, Cheryl has been there
> to help you. Now it is time to reach out and help her.  Read more about
> Cheryl at;  http://celebratecheryl.com/about-cheryl-sanders
> The boating community is well-known for its fellowship, cooperation
> and support.  We have fought other battles and won.  Let's join together
> and help Cheryl beat cancer.
> Thank you for helping spread the word and participating in this worthy
> endeavor. . .
> Paddle Strong,
> Play hard!
> In gratitude,
> Rorie Lin Gotham, Project Manager
> Carl Ramstrom, Technical and Web Support
> Scott Ogren, Server Provider
> Celebrate Cheryl Fundraiser
> http://CelebrateCheryl.com
> http://fb.me/CelebrateCheryl
> celebratecherylfundraiser@gmail.com
> "If a friend
>   is in need...
>       don't ask if there is anything
>       you can do...
> think up something appropriate 
> and Just Do It!"
>     ew howe    

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