[NYCkayaker] Kick-off for East River Blueway

Steven Leslie stevenmleslie@yahoo.com
Thu May 2 21:33:29 EDT 2013

This meeting, which I just attended, offered a formal presentation of plans for the East River waterfront in Manhattan from Brooklyn bridge to East 38th Street. I've been attending sessions and following progress since I live in the area.

The basic idea is to improve access to the park and the water on this stretch, while redesigning things to better cope with rising sea levels and more frequent storms. Irene and then Sandy have helped drive the project forward.

The designs are very nice, and notably include two boat launches and bike lanes. They are available here: http://www.eastriverblueway.org/

The two launch sites, at Brooklyn Bridge beach and Stuyvesant Cove (near 23rd Street), count among the six priority projects. There isn't currently funding for them, however.

Many speakers were eager to repeat a free kayaking day in Stuy Cove. The founder of Solar 1 said his planned Solar 2 building will have to be elevated now, perhaps providing ground level space for boat storage.

Kayaker may finally get legal access to this stretch of waterfront in the not-too-distant future.

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