[NYCkayaker] kayak storage (& Water Access)

Emile Zen emilezen@yahoo.com
Fri May 3 14:51:39 EDT 2013

    I stored my kayak at the New Rochelle Rowing Club ("NRRC") for a very reasonable fee until Hurricane Sandy wiped out most of the ground floor of their building in Hudson Park.

    Following the storm, the club retained a professional engineer, who declared the building safe.  Members spent several months clearing out debris. The club is raising funds (privately) to restore and improve their facility, but the City of New Rochelle began proceedings this week to condemn the building, shut down the club, and eliminate access to the water.  It states that Sandy "leveled the structure beyond repair" and that it "poses significant aesthetic and safety risks to the community."

    You can learn more about this issue at the NRRC website, http://www.newrochellerowingclub.com/.
    Any expressed support of the NRRC as an important element of the greater NYC Water Trail (and a provider of kayak storage in the NYC metropolitan area) will go a long way towards demonstrating to the local politicians of New Rochelle that the club serves a larger community and higher purpose than anything they might have in mind.


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Can anyone recommend a place for kayak storage in the NYC area that does not cost a fortune?

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