[NYCkayaker] worrisome change to water monitoring in NYC

Donna Stein onnaday@mail.com
Mon May 6 23:45:01 EDT 2013

Dear Friends - How could they say there is no need to check water quality in NYC. Cutting funds to science in service to the public is foolish and harmful.
Please let people know about this!

Donna Stein
NYC Friends of Clearwater

From: Clare Donohue <clare@saneenergyproject.org>

"A network of hundreds of instruments that for decades tracked the quality, level and flow of water in the city and part of Nassau County has stopped collecting that data following a city decision to cease funding it."

"The network includes 197 measuring stations in wells, 10 stations in rivers and lakes, one meteorological station and 131 water-quality stations across the five boroughs and western Nassau County."

Citywide Water Monitoring System Is Suspended After Agency Cuts Funding - New York City - DNAinfo.com New York http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20130503/new-york-city/citywide-water-monitoring-system-is-suspended-after-agency-cuts-funding?utm_content=madmessnet@aol.com&utm_source=VerticalResponse&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=Citywide%20Water%20Monitoring%20System%20Is%20Suspended%20After%20Agency%20Cuts%20Funding&utm_campaign=Bike%20Share%20War%20Rages%20at%20Village%20Forumcontent 

Clare Donohue
http://www.saneenergyproject.org/ Citizen Radon Watch
Sierra Club NYC/Atlantic Chapter347-452-9594

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