[NYCkayaker] ferries and maritime regulations PLEASE REPORT OFFENDERS

Nancy Brous nbrous@gmail.com
Tue May 7 12:27:25 EDT 2013

hi all-
as the boating season gets underway i have been talking with the coast
guard about the ongoing issue wherein ferry captains too often fail to use
audible signals when they depart their terminals, causing an unsafe
situation for ALL marine traffic.
the cg has asked again that our community record and submit reports of
these incidents.
i know many of you dont have writing implements at the ready while on the
water, but it would be a HUGE help if you can try to make a mental note
when on the water of any time you see a ferry depart without signaling, and
then report it as follows:

info to include:
location (eg hudson river near 38th street ferry terminal or Fulton Ferry
ferry operator (eg NY Waterways or East River Ferry)
ferry name (typically difficult to see / read but helpful if you can
include it)
direction ferry went (north, south, etc)

better yet, for those of you with video capabilities "on board", any video
with sound that we can submit is worth a thousand words.

it can all be sent to info@nycwatertrail.org and i will forward them in
batches to the cg on a weekly or similar basis.

thanks in advance for sharing this with your lists, fellow boaters
(including motorized boaters), and for doing your part to make the harbor
safer for all users.

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