[NYCkayaker] SUP's and pfd's - citations issued

Ray Fusco Ray@rayfuscoinc.com
Wed May 15 15:16:34 EDT 2013

Recently the USCG has placed SUP's as vessels and PFD's are required.  THere is some coastal zone rule attached but hard to say how that is interpreted.

I am not sure of the exact details but the 3 SUP paddlers were ON Liberty Island. I think they are lucky not to be arrested to be honest!

On May 15, 2013, at 3:11 PM, bonnie13@earthlink.net wrote:

> Thanks for the note about the lifejacket requirements for SUP's, I hadn't heard that and if I'd been asked I think I would said "Really good idea to wear but not sure it's actually required".
> I'm really sort of floored that people could think it would be OK to just paddle out and land on Liberty Island, though. Did they mean to or did they just get messed up with currents and scramble for the first place they could make it to shore?
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>> Hello everyone,
>> I attended the Harbor Ops meeting today and learned a few SUP paddlers launching from LIberty State Park ended up on LIberty Island.  They were picked up and written a citation for breach of the security zone and for not having a PFD's.
>> Please be diligent around security zones and for SUP paddlers - wear or at least bring your pfd.  SUP's have been recently classified as a vessel by USCG and you need a PFD on board.
>> thanks,
>> ray
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