[NYCkayaker] SUP's and pfd's - citations issued

Ray Fusco Ray@rayfuscoinc.com
Thu May 16 11:41:41 EDT 2013

I should help frame this up for some folks.  Liberty island is closed.  Its a big deal.  Liberty state park, ellis and liberty island suffered significant damage due to superstorm sandy.  Liberty is the world's most popular landmark!  Businesses depend on it, NYC depends on it, National Park service depends on the revenue its a big deal to be closed in May.  They are trying to figure out the security plan, berthing plan for boats and plan for all visitors coming to the island.  yes, you have to go through a security check to get on the island.  You are only allowed on the island by an authorized carrier.  Keep in mind NPS is struggling with the sequestration as well.  Resources are thin!

This is why its huge that these 3 knuckleheads made their way on to the island illegally and caused an emergency response.  Everyone who has paddled in the harbor has a Liberty Island story...either park police screaming at you, citations issued, taken off the water by uscg etc etc.  I have several actually ;) 

What we can do is spread the word to those not familiar with the harbor who choose to launch from Liberty State park.  This area is arguably the trickiest spot in the Harbor to paddle, the most congested and as sad as it is...its the easiest to access because of this launch.  We, the greater paddling community of the harbor, have a lot to loose if knuckleheads like this continue to make these types of mistakes.  Our diligence to educate our suburban boaters friends is critical.

I'm going out to paddle now ;)

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