[NYCkayaker] Saturday paddle?

davisjanowski@yahoo.com davisjanowski@yahoo.com
Wed May 22 23:37:13 EDT 2013

I'm sure many a mailing list member is leaving town on some adventure or other over the long weekend but among those that are not any interesting paddle trips planned for Saturday in the area?

I have for years been more a fly on the wall on the list and a loner on the water, mostly because I have a big heavy two-seater that is cumbersome to get places for meetups (gave up the car years ago) and frankly too slow for most of you hardshell folks.

Recently I purchased a Folbot Cooper that is significantly lighter to transport and more agile on the water and would not mind some company out on the water. With it I can get most anywhere the subway or trains go.

Anyway, Erik can vouch for having paddled with me and I'm sure I met some folks on the list at the last two Gov.'s Island overnights.

For those whose memories go back that far I was also on the Governor's Island for the People protest/parade/paddle trip to Red Hook years ago.


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