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From: Waters - DNR, Tom <tom.waters@state.co.us>
Date: Wed, Mar 16, 2022 at 10:11 AM
Subject: Re: Winter updates
To: Logan Myers <lwmyers81@gmail.com>
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Morning all!

Great questions and I will do my best to answer them.

   1. Granite rock is mostly complete.  There is going to be some
   additional trail crew time in there this spring.  This should not prohibit
   any access to the site.  There is a plan to replace the Granite Bridge.  I
   met with Commissioner Felt, Sean Shepherd, and Gary Griner (County
   Engineer) last Friday on-site to discuss.  The construction will start in
   2023.  Due to the status of the current bridge, all staging and
   construction including crane operations will happen on the West side of the
   highway or river right.  The project should not interrupt the commercial
   launch window or access for private boaters during that time.  There will
   be a need to close off access to river left (or across the bridge) in the
   afternoons during the project at times.  We will communicate these closures
   to both outfitters and private boaters when we get that information.  I was
   very happy with the meeting the other day and I do not foresee any big
   disruptions to that location at this time.
   2. Winter water storage is being managed for imports.  Currently, they
   predict a slightly above-average year on imports at 53KAF.  The flows
   should stay between 250-400 until April 15th per the VFMP.  I have not seen
   any recent water orders or updates on imports through the tunnel.
   3. We do not have a mask mandate in place and I think that is a great
   idea.  We could also provide a link for those who cannot make the drive and
   they can Zoom into the conference room.
   4. We are planning on some construction at Salida East this spring.
   Phase I will be the day use and boat ramp area.  A contractor has been
   identified and I have been in contact with them about the importance of
   access to that ramp during the Spring.  We will keep tabs on that and again
   provide any information we get to the group.  I think it may be a bit
   cumbersome during the ramp work but the end result will benefit all users.

Thanks for keeping tabs on all of this.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


On Wed, Mar 16, 2022 at 9:36 AM Logan Myers <lwmyers81@gmail.com> wrote:

> Good morning Tom,
> Since the last 2 CTF meetings were cancelled I was wondering if you could
> update us on a few things.
> First, has there been any progress to various infrastructure projects over
> the winter? In particular, was the Granite Rock site ever completed? Is
> there still a plan to replace the Granite bridge?
> Also, what is the status of the winter water program? I see BOR is still
> releasing 150 cfs from Twin Lakes and has been most of the winter. The
> storage level at both Twin and Turquoise are really low though. On a recent
> snowmobile trip to Turquoise I noticed imports through the Boustead have
> already begun. Do you have a forecast regarding imports yet, and do you
> know how much longer the release from Twin Lakes will continue?
> Lastly, have the AHRA offices lifted the mask requirement and will we be
> looking at potentially meeting in person in April?
> Thank you for your time and work!
> Logan
> 719-229-9333

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